We are hosting our very first fundraiser for Empowering Kids on Friday, June 29th! We’ve been gearing up for this for a couple months now, and we are excited to welcome all of our teams out to Lakeside Golf Course for a fun evening. Our Tee Off “Fore” Autism Golf Tournament has two goals:

  1. To raise funds for Empowering Kids
  2. To raise awareness of autism and how it is affecting individuals and their families.

In an effort to show our participants how we support our clients outside of our one-to-one and small group skill building services at Empowering Kids, our golf tournament is going to look a little different than most. We created a social story to help get our participants prepared for the big day, so they know what to expect upon arrival. We also created a visual schedule, which you can view below. Click here to read through and enjoy a social story and visuals schedule of our golf tournament.