Social Skills Services


Our social skills services are led by professional with experience in working with individuals that have autism and other social challenges. With their education, experience and research based curriculum to guide them, the professionals teach skills needed to help children and young adults to better understand interactions with others, manage their strong feelings and develop communication skills. These areas of focus and support help individuals feel more confident in their interactions with others and better manage their needs which are life skills necessary to be successfully employed, live independently, and live a life of happiness and purpose.

The curriculums* we use are Social Thinking, Second Step, and Zones of Regulation which are geared for people of all ages that have autism or social challenges. The curriculums are engaging, relevant to children’s needs and support all types of learners through pictures, videos, role plays, music and movement.

*Some social skills classes use the Social Thinking ® methodology or framework developed by Michelle Garcia Winner (concepts, strategies, curriculum and vocabulary).

This program including its teacher or leader, is not affiliated with, nor has it been reviewed, approved, or endorsed by Michelle Garcia Winner and Think Social Publishing, Inc.


To provide support for all individuals schedules and needs, Empowering Kids offers 1:1 services. During these sessions, the same curriculums are used, but are specifically geared toward individual needs. One on one services provide the flexibility to work on skills outside of the social realm such as learning how to do your hair or answering the phone.

After School Program

Individuals in kindergarten and beyond that have autism or other social challenges, have the opportunity to attend the after school program. The program runs from 3:30 – 5:30 Monday through Thursday. During this time, individuals rotate between snack, social group, homework time and free time. Social groups are the times where individuals learn skills and content through the curriculums and those concepts and vocabulary are then reinforced throughout the rest of the time at the after school program as students engage in the other activities.

Special Interest Friday

Individuals that have autism often have areas of intense interest and knowledge. To support and share those interests, Empowering Kids offers special interest Fridays. Students learn more about topics they are interested in through supported activities and interactions with adults from the community. Students develop as well as refine knowledge and skills in the program promoting unique interests, potential new hobbies or even insight into a future career.