Fostering a sensory-friendly community

As part of our Empowering Kids mission, we want to nurture an inclusive environment for individuals of all abilities. Certain people, especially those with autism, have sensory issues. These sensitivities include light, sound, smell, touch, and other sensations. We want to encourage all residents and businesses to make our community more autism-friendly!

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To encourage an environment of awareness, acceptance, and understanding of sensory issues, Empowering Kids will be providing training, tools, and assistance to our local community. There are many things that businesses can do to be more autism aware, such as monitoring the noise level, training staff on how to be autism-friendly, or providing sensory kits. Anything you can do in your business to acknowledge and accommodate those with sensory issues is a step in the right direction!

To start, we are looking for four categories of businesses that can be difficult for families to navigate on their own. These categories include a restaurant, a retailer, a hair stylist, and a dentist. We’ll be accepting businesses in these categories on a first-come, first-serve basis. As we grow the initiative, we hope to open the program up to more organizations.

Autism Aware Community Partners will:

  • Provide a sensory-friendly environment to individuals of all abilities

  • Encourage a judgment-free zone that makes everyone comfortable

  • Understand the benefits of all thinkers as residents, friends, and future employees

  • Commit to creating an inclusive and supportive atmosphere in your business and throughout the community

In return, we will provide…

  • Staff Training Lunch & Learn (for up to 20 staff members)

  • Customized Social Story

  • Virtual Tour Video of Business

  • Sensory Friendly Suggestions + Purchase Recommendations

  • Autism-Friendly Window Cling

  • Business Profile on Empowering Kids Website + (2) Facebook Posts

  • Booth Space at Autism Summit

The Process

  1. Contact Us – Let us know if you are interested in being an Autism Aware Community Partner. Email us at
  2. Initial Consult – Our staff will come to your business to evaluate the needs to make your environment sensory-friendly.
  3. Training – We’ll set up a custom employee lunch training to educate your employees on how to accommodate for those with sensory issues.
  4. Implementation – Our teams will work together to put all of the sensory-friendly pieces in place, including materials, video, website, etc.
  5. Evaluation – Through surveys, we’ll continuously improve our autism aware program and community experiences at sensory-friendly partners.